We Take Surplus Foods To Feed School Children

Right now it is estimated that the food industry send 1.9 million tonnes of food to landfill…

We think that’s crazy, especially as with a little bit of organising, perfectly good food could be put to good use.

We Feed Our Kids

Instead of the perfectly good food ending up in landfill, our kids get the benefit of our free food at the end of their school day.

In A Cool Way

We serve up our food offer in food trucks the kids find cool. We think our shiny Airstream trucks are pretty cool too.

Over ¼ Milllion FREE Hot Meals!

We can feed so many more kids with a little support from you

£1 provides a hot meal, bottled water and fruit for kids in communities that need our help the most. If you’d like to make sure no kid in Scotland goes hungry please visit our home page.


We generate our own income through Launch Coffee. Please know that when you purchase a Launch product all our profits go back into helping community projects.

How To Get Involved

We like the idea of Glasgow taking care of its own. If you do to,
please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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